Getting Started

New To Thematic – How it Works

Thematic is an advanced parent theme for WordPress. Thematic is a fully functional theme that you can use as is, but its real power becomes apparent when you begin to customize it through the use of a child theme.

Child Themes for Beginners

In a child theme, you are creating a theme that does two things:

The child theme inherits all the styling and functionality of its parent. This gives you a fully functional theme with all the might and power of Thematic straight out of the (virtual) box.
Selectively Disobeys
In your child theme, you can choose to modify any and all aspects of the parent that you wish. You can customize the styling so that it looks entirely different and you can override or enhance any of the base functionality provided.

A great benefit of using the parent-child structure for theme design is that you always leave Thematic (the parent) fully intact. This means you can allow Thematic to stay up-to-date without losing all the modifications that you have created in your child theme.

Another benefit is that it can shorten your development time on new projects. Thematic has a wonderful library of code which you can easily call, adjust, and re-arrange as needed for any particular job. The techniques you develop (and learn from other Thematic people) can be reapplied on the next project even if it looks and acts entirely different.

Thematic comes prepackaged with a child theme inside its folder structure. To use this theme, appropriately named “thematicsamplechildtheme,” copy the folder and paste it in your WordPress themes folder alongside Thematic, then activate it from your Appearance | Themes menu.